WELCOME to the Happy Endings Animal Rescue (HEAR) Volunteer Program!

Thank you for your commitment to the cause of helping the homeless animals in our community. We cannot continue to accept and care for homeless animals without your help! Our volunteers are invaluable! They provide skills, knowledge and time all important to our volunteer program. The opportunities to volunteer are endless and ideas on how you can contribute to our program are appreciated! Below is a list to help guide you through our current needs and make your time with us as productive and enjoyable as possible.

As a volunteer, you are extremely important. It takes a special person to offer the time and devotion to a cause as emotional as the care of homeless animals. Because of volunteers, dogs are walked; cats are cuddled, young, ill or frightened critters can recuperate in foster homes; and pets can find their forever homes through adoption. If you would rather volunteer for tasks that do not directly involve animals, that’s great also! As HEAR grows, we always need help with clerical duties, fundraising, special events and special projects. No task is too small and no experience is required!

Pet Foster Parents: Pet fosters provide temporary housing for homeless pets until they can be placed into permanent, loving homes. HEAR pays for the costs associated with veterinary care of our foster pets and other necessities such as food and bedding. Our foster parents provide the love! See our Foster Program page (link to page) to learn more.

Animal Support: Volunteers are needed to help transport and handle dogs and cats at adoption events. They also provide assistance transporting animals to veterinary appointments or other rescues and pet adopters located elsewhere, when appropriate. Volunteers are always needed for visiting and cleaning cages of the cats and kittens held at Creature Comforts pet shop, walking dogs and providing attention to animals held at the Town of Pinedale Animal Shelter and for providing general support where and when needed to our pet foster parents.

Fundraisers: Fundraising provides support to the rescue so that we can continue to help homeless pets. Fundraising is an important part of animal rescue. Fundraisers can plan their own events and help with other events already planned. Fundraising events include things like short-term (e.g., bake sales) and long-term events (e.g., Fur- Ever Valentine Gala, Christmas Pet Photo shoots). If you have a fundraising idea, we are always looking for fresh ideas. In addition, some fundraisers write grants to fund specific projects.

Public Relations: Volunteers generate and maintain media contacts, write press releases, promote events by making posters and finding sponsors, etc., as well as attend community events to promote HEAR.

Photography & Graphic Design: Volunteer photographers are needed to take photos of animals to be posted for adoption. We also need help with design of printed materials for advertisement of adoption days and special events.

Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR): HEAR is trying to get a TNR Program started for the feral, unaltered, cats that bring many kittens into rescue. To do this, we need volunteers to get involved to get it started and help to trap and transport animals to be spayed/neutered and released during TNR events.

Education: We are looking for volunteers to help with animal education for the public, pet parents, help with organizing and teaching obedience and proper socialization of animals, as well as help with newsletter ideas and content.

Senior Visitation: Seniors who can no longer live in their homes or care for animals still benefit from the love of animals. Pets are therapeutic to our senior citizens. We can make a difference in the lives of these people and the animals through a visitation program.

To become a HEAR volunteer, contact HEAR at 307-360-6000 or email us at happyendingar23@yahoo.com.