H.E.A.R. is a 100% volunteer-staffed rescue and we cannot continue to accept and care for homeless animals without volunteers! Volunteers provide skills, knowledge, and time imperative to our rescue. Because of volunteers, dogs are walked; cats are cuddled; young, ill or frightened animals can recuperate in foster homes; and pets can find their forever homes through adoption.

The opportunities to volunteer are endless and ideas on how you can contribute to our program are always appreciated - we want you to enjoy your time volunteering as much as we appreciate your help.  No task is too small and no experience is required; we even have tasks that do not require interaction with animals! H.E.A.R.  Below is a list to help guide you through our current needs and make your time with us as productive and fun as possible.

Become a Foster Pet Parent: Pet foster homes provide temporary housing for homeless pets until they can be placed into permanent, loving homes. H.E.A.R. pays for the costs involved in hosting an animal, including veterinary care, food, bedding, a crate, and miscellaneous supplies. Our foster parents provide the love!

• Animal Support: H.E.A.R. animals housed at the Town of Pinedale Animal Control facility are fed, cleaned, exercised, and socialized by H.E.A.R. volunteers (with the amazing help of the Animal Control staff) - the longer the animals can be out of their kennels with volunteers, the happier the animals. The H.E.A.R. cats and kittens housed at Creature Comforts need volunteers to socialize them and to clean their cages. As well, volunteers transport animals to and from veterinary appointments, meet-and-greets with potential adopters, adoption events, and foster homes.

• Events Coordination and Support: If you love a party, this is a great volunteering opportunity for you! Events help H.E.A.R. to advertise itself as a worthy cause, to advertise current adoptable animals, to participate in our community, and to raise money. Volunteers can plan their own events for the rescue or help to plan regularly-occurring events like holiday parties and adoption events - we are always looking for fresh ideas. Volunteers are needed on the days of events to handle adoptable animals; assist with set-up and clean-up; decorating; provide and manage refreshments; staff the door or fundraising table; or any other task that would be fun for you! You can check out some of our past events here.

• Fundraising Coordination and Support: Fundraising is a fundamental part of animal rescue and what allows rescues to continue to save animals. Volunteers are needed to assist with ongoing fundraisers or to create their own - the more ideas, the better! Fundraising can be done on Social Media, via mail, via email, in person, and at events. As well, volunteers are needed for grant writing to fund specific projects.

• Public Relations: Volunteers generate and maintain media contacts, write press releases and articles, find event sponsors and promote the events, as well as attend community events to promote H.E.A.R.

• Photography: Volunteer photographers can take photos of adoptable animals and document events, or take photos at events for a fundraising fee.

• Graphic Design: Volunteers design printed and online materials to advertise H.E.A.R. events and adoptable animals.

• Education: Volunteers are needed to help provide animal-related education to the public, to pet parents, and to other volunteers. Animal trainers can volunteer to teach obedience to volunteers handling H.E.A.R. animals and to teach classes to help fundraise. Education volunteers help with newsletter content and ideas.

• Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR): H.E.A.R. is working to start a TNR Program for the community's feral, unaltered cats that bring many kittens into rescue. Volunteers are needed to get the program off of the ground, and then to help trap and transport animals to be spayed/neutered and released during TNR events.

• Senior Visitation: H.E.A.R. is working to start a Senior Visitation Program to provide the therapeutic benefits of having a pet around to seniors who can no longer live in their homes or care for animals. Volunteers are needed to get the program off of the ground, and then to help with the visits to Seniors.

Did you find a volunteering opportunity that suits you? Or do you have more ideas for ways to help? Print and complete the Volunteer Application, and email it to HearShelter@gmail.com, or call H.E.A.R. at (307) 360-6000. If you are interested in fostering, see the Foster Page for more information and the Foster Pet Parent Application.