Specific Supply Needs

Happy Endings Animal Rescue relies on generous donations to help us care for the animals that come to us. Monetary donations allow us to help the animals where it is needed most. Yet, every item donated helps to save much needed funds that can be invested back into animal care. From cans of cat food to dog collars to office equipment, the list goes on – it all helps. If you have items that you would like to donate, please call us. We are grateful to you for each and every donation! You can call our hotline to reach one of our Board Members directly: 307-360-6000

Thank you from your two (& four) legged friends at Happy Endings Animal Rescue!!!

Below is a list of items, large and small, that we use:

Dog Needs

Toys – Durable toys such as Nylabones, Kong tennis balls and interactive toys, Atomic Treat Ball, Tug a jug, etc. (no latex, please)

Equipment – Agility equipment, large and X-Large collapsible/moveable wire fold down dog crates, dog beds, blankets (without filling or electric cords), non-skid floor mats, stainless steel bowls, nylon adjustable collars, harnesses ( step in and Roman style), leads, stainless steel food & water bowls for dogs and cats, dog/cat nail clippers, brushes, DAP collars and diffusers

Behavioral – 6 ft. diameter simple kiddie wading pools so our dogs can splash & cool off on hot days, interactive dog toys, dog relaxation CD’s, large puppy pads, volunteers to walk dogs (we have plenty of paved walking paths and parks) and to throw the ball in our exercise areas

Food – Dogs housed by HEAR are fed Fromm pet food (Classic Adult or Puppy) as it is an easy food for their stomachs to transition to. However, any good quality dry dog  food is helpful, including but not limited to Fromm, Blue, Science Diet, Iams, Purina, and canned pumpkin (not pie filling!).

Preventative Care – Dog heartworm medication (Heartgard and Interceptor), prescription and non-prescription medications for pets, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, distilled water, gauze pads (3″ x 3″ or larger), vet wrap

Cat Needs

Toys – Cat trees/houses, wand toys, ball in ring toy, jingle balls, catnip toys and other treats, swat exerciser, round tunnels, fake mice, scratching posts and condos, laser toys for cats

Equipment – Clumping cat litter (we use lots!), litter pans, litter scoops, donations for our feral cat spay/neuter and vaccination program, Feliway diffusers, heavy duty sewing scissors for cutting sheets/blankets into cage-sized pieces for one-time use in the isolation rooms, heatpacks, batteries, heavy duty brooms, dust mops and dustpans, cat hanging dishes for cat kennels

Food – cat/kitten food, baby rice cereal (for baby kittens), kitten and puppy milk replacer

Behaviorial – kitty herbs and grasses planted in containers , relaxation DVD’s that would attract and entertain cats in our adoption room (fish swimming, birds singing, etc.), cat-proof CD players (for stress-reducing music in our cat rooms),volunteers who could regularly commit to help socialize our pets

Shelter Use Needs

Towels (cloth and paper)
Wet/dry vacuum
Laundry detergent
Bleach (unopened)
Tools of all types
Heavy-duty cart or wagon for moving large items/dolly
Lawn mower
Hedge trimmer
Post-hole digger
Electric Heaters
Tall laundry baskets with wheels
Commercial-grade mop buckets on wheels
Zip Lock baggies of all sizes (especially gallon, sandwich & snack)
Non-toxic floor cleaners
Heating Pads
Printer paper
File Folders
Clorox disinfecting wipes
Dishwashing liquid
Laundry detergent
Liquid dish Soap
Liquid hand Soap
Hand lotion
Garbage bags (13-30 gallon)
White Vinegar

Administrative (Office Supplies) Needs

Copy paper
Binder dividers
Mailing (postage stamps) envelopes, supplies
Spiral bound 3 hole notebooks
Black and color ink cartridges for Canon i560s
Postage stamp
Paper clips
Scotch tape
Spiral-bound 3-hole notebooks
Binder dividers
Art and craft supplies

Hospital Needs

Portable otoscope (eye pressure gauge)
Rolling tool box
Tonopen (ear scope)
Baby scales
Fast acting thermometer

H.E.A.R. needs a facility! We are looking for monetary donations, land, a building… anything to help us attain this goal!

And most importantly, your involvement to help our cause!