HEAR Board

Our board members are all active and come from diverse backgrounds, which gives us a unique view of the issues and allows for thinking out-side the box to come up with the best possible solutions. Saving the animals and finding them forever homes has always been our primary focus. As board members, we all try to help where needed.

Susan Kramer
Susan is the President of HEAR and has been involved with the rescue since the inception of the organization in 2007. She has been involved with breed specific animal rescue in the past and brings invaluable knowledge to running a non-profit organization. Susan has helped the rescue grow to what it is today and helps in every aspect of HEAR such as writing grants, walking dogs and transporting pets to the vet or other rescues. Susan has 4 dogs.

Vice President
Susan Stringfellow
Susan is an avid animal lover. She moved to Pinedale from Texas and is the newest member of the HEAR Board as of 2015. In the short amount of time she has been involved, Susan has been a great asset in helping with caring for the animals, transporting them and rallying for HEAR support from other members of the community. In addition to the HEAR animals she cares for, Susan has her own animals including 2 dogs.

Position currently vacant

Melanie Purcell
Melanie has always been an animal lover. Already equipped with one dog and familiar with animal rescue, fostering, and wildlife rehabilitation in Colorado, she inquired about HEAR’s foster program and adoptable animals in 2010. Chevy was available and after a short fostering period, she fell in love with him and adopted him. Melanie has fostered many HEAR animals since that time but now with her own “houseful” of animals, she offers her expertise in other areas. She keeps track of our meetings, helps with fundraisers, walking dogs and has been instrumental in making sure that our Newsletter is interesting and informative.

Terry Keys
Terry is the owner of Creature Comforts Pet Shop and has been involved with HEAR since the early days, offering to help by hosting adoption days at the pet store. Terry is actively involved and has been instrumental with many of the feline adoptions as our cats are often housed at her shop where people can freely visit them during store hours. Terry also has a houseful of her own animals and is a great benefit to HEAR, as she has also fostered many animals and provided valuable knowledge gained from owning a pet store.

Sharolyn Lopez

Joanne Bradow
Joanne and her husband come to Pinedale during the summer months. They spend the rest of the year in Florida where Joanne is also actively involved with animal rescue. While in Pinedale, she joins in helping HEAR wherever and whenever needed. We are always grateful for her help and we sure miss her when she’s gone. Joanne has helped organize events such as doggy fun days in the park, as well as agility and obedience classes. Her professionalism and knowledge of animals has been a valuable asset to HEAR. Joanne has 6 dogs of her own but still helps foster when she can.

Honorary Board Member
Julie Land
Founder of Happy Endings Animal Rescue. Thanks for getting HEAR started and caring for homeless animals in our community!

HEAR’s Past Board Members
We recognize that everyone has played an important part in making HEAR successful. We value our past board members for their part and have listed them here:

Breanna Lemon
Jill Hermsted
Julie Land
Karen Fernsten
Mary Allen
Robena Downie
Sarah Hixson
Sno Ann Engler
Tim Lingle
Tina Rock
Whitney Bartlett