Happy Endings Animal Rescue (H.E.A.R.) began in the summer of 2007. Sublette County, Wyoming, experienced a “boom” due to natural gas exploration and development, which brought in folks and their pets from all over. In just a few years, the population grew from a few thousand people to almost 10,000 at its peak. H.E.A.R. was founded by a group of animal advocates who saw the need to help re-home the many dogs and cats that came with the population growth. HEAR received its 501(c)(3) non-profit designation (Tax ID# 74-3231075) and continues to be the only no-kill animal rescue in Sublette County.

H.E.A.R. is funded by private contributions, grants, and local city and county funding. We work closely with both city and county animal control to make sure all pets, whether owner relinquished or picked up as strays, find loving, forever homes. H.E.A.R. works to help as many local animals as possible, whether in need of new homes, behaviorally or medically challenged, not-yet-weened young animals, or senior pets, by working with volunteers, foster homes, local veterinarians, and other shelters.

H.E.A.R. does not have its own shelter facility. Our adoptable animals are housed at the Town of Pinedale Animal Control facility, at Creature Comforts pet shop, and in foster homes throughout the Pinedale and Boulder area. If you are interested in meeting any of our adoptable animals, please call us at (307) 360-6000 so we may set up an appointment and direct you to the correct location.

Our Mission

Save lives and relieve the suffering of animals by increasing the number of animals adopted into permanent compatible caring home; to end shelter killing of healthy animals by placing homeless companion animals into forever homes; to provide education information regarding responsible pet care, training, exercise, socialization and veterinary care; to provide information about and support spay and neuter programs; to provide sanctuary for animals that cannot be adopted.

H.E.A.R. Board

Our Board Members come from diverse backgrounds, providing H.E.A.R. with many unique views, the ability to think "outside of the box," and the ability to find multiple solutions to best help every animal.

Current Board Members
Susan Kramer - (307) 360-7800/susankramer@wyoming.com
Vice President: Susan Stringfellow - (903) 235-6767/sjstringfellow67@gmail.com
Treasurer: Position currently vacant
Secretary: Melanie Purcell - (307) 413-7045/mjpurcell77@yahoo.com
Member: Terry Keys - (307) 367-6622/tkeys@wyoming.com
Member: Sharolyn Lopez
Member: Jen Davis
Member: Joanne Bradow - (407) 342-7449/jobradow@aol.com
Honorary Board Member: Julie Land - Founder of Happy Endings Animal Rescue

Past Board Members 
Breanna Lemon
Jill Hermsted
Karen Fernsten
Mary Allen
Robena Downie
Sarah Hixson
Sno Ann Engler
Tim Lingle
Tina Rock
Whitney Bartlett